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DESC 2020 Winter Meeting - Tucson

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Tucson and the beautiful Sonoran Desert! 
Logistical information for the meeting can be found below. For meeting registration go here .
Contact for logistics/organizational questions: Cathi Duncan (, Eduardo Rozo (, Tim Eifler (

• DESC School, Monday, Jan 20: Steward Observatory (Map), Main Auditorium (N210)
Main Meeting and Hack/Sprint Day, Tue-Fri, Jan 21-24: Student Union (Map), Great Ballroom and adjacent breakout rooms on the second floor (1st floor for our European friends)

Lodging: Accommodations are booked individually. There are several hotels within walking distance, though the cheaper options will require a short ride on the street car. Of course, there’s also Airbnb.

Nearby hotels (walking distance): Marriot , Aloft , Adobe Rose Inn , Sam Hughes Inn B&B
Cheap and along the streetcar route: Red Lion Inn
Somewhat less cheap, along the streetcar route: Ramada
Along the streetcar route, right in downtown (lively!): Hotel Congress , El Amador 

Travel to Tucson
The nearest airport is Tucson International Airport ( You may also fly to Phoenix Sky Harbor, and then take a shuttle to Tucson, but the shuttle will take ~2.5 hours.
Shuttle websites:

Local Transportation (in addition to uber/lyft/cab service)
Public Transport: Tucson has a tram/bus system and public bike system and scooter system
Walk: The venue is central and several hotels are in walkable distance
Parking: Parking on campus is restricted to UA Parking garages and designated metered parking on a self-pay basis. Nearest Garage to Student Union and Steward Observatory is 2nd Street Garage Check Available Garages:  

Food/Coffee options
Quick lunch: Student Union has a variety of quick food options
Lunch/Dinner: Cluster of restaurants along University avenue: Main Gate Square/University Street
Lunch/Dinner: Intersection of Speedway and Campbell: Vietnamese , Beer+Pizza , Greek fast food
Fancy dinner: Cafe Poca Cosa, Seis (outside), La Cocina (outside), Downtown Kitchen, Penca, etc
Coffee: Caffe Luce , Espresso Art Cafe , various Starbucks, Bagel Brothers, etc on Campus and within the Student Union

Mirror Lab tours - visit the birthplace of the LSST mirrors
Tours of the Mirror Lab are available during the main meeting Tue-Fri . PLease sign up as part of the registration process. More info here