(Theoretical Astrophysics and Cosmology Seminar)

TACOS is the main seminar series of the Arizona Cosmology Lab (Wednesday 11.30-12.30pm) and it can be in person or remote. Speakers range from senior faculty to graduate students talking about their first project. Talks are 45+15 mins and should include an extensive introduction that explains the big picture in which the specific topic is embedded (suitable for 1st year graduate students in astronomy/physics). After the introduction the talk may become as technical as desired by the speaker.

TACOS is preceded by the lab's Pizza lunch, an informal gathering to talk with the speaker.

If you are interested in giving a TACOS talk, please contact one of the faculty.

Advanced Cosmology Problems

We have a weekly blackboard session (Friday 1-2pm, frequently runs longer) going over advanced problems in cosmology. We are currently studying problems posed in the book Cosmology by Prof. Daniel Baumann.

This event is recommended for graduate students, who already had a cosmology course and want to dig deeper, postdocs, and faculty.

Advanced Cosmology is usually followed by a ping pong session.

CosmoCoffee and MLCoffee

Our lab hosts two coffee sessions for discussing cosmology (Tue 10-11am) and machine learning papers (Thu 12-1pm) open to graduate student level and beyond.

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