Elisabeth Krause                                                                CV(pdf)
Assistant  Professor of Astronomy
Assistant Professor of Physics

I am broadly interested in data-driven cosmology, and I like to combine theoretical modeling with with detailed understanding of cosmological data sets and new statistical techniques. Currently I spend a lot of my research time on combining different cosmological measurements in the Dark Energy Survey, but I also like to think about novel probes, such as cosmic voids and higher-order statistics.

contact: krausee at email.arizona.edu

Eduardo Rozo
Associate Professor of Physics

I am interested in cosmology in general. I enjoy working with data, and coming up with better ways of exploiting the data coming from today’s best experiments. My work spans gravitational lensing, galaxy clusters, and modeling of large scale structure.

contact: erozo at email.arizona.edu

Tim Eifler                                                             CV (pdf)
Assistant Professor of Astronomy

My research focusses on constraining dark energy and modifications to general relativity scenarios through a combination of ground-based surveys and space-based missions. I am deeply involved in the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (start operations in 2022) and the Wide-Field Infrared Survey Telescope (launch 2025).

contact: timeifler at email.arizona.edu

Peter Behroozi                                                            CV (pdf)
Assistant Professor  of Astronomy

My research involves the relationship between galaxies and their surrounding dark matter halos. My group generates mock galaxy catalogs for use with validating cosmological probes, and we also use galaxies as probes to observationally measure dark matter accretion rates.

contact: behroozi at email.arizona.edu

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