Undergraduate Internships

As part of the TIMESTEP apprenticeship program our lab offers research opportunities in cosmological data analysis and computational modeling for a small group of undergraduate students (4-8). All participants are hired as RAs at a 10h/week.

Program details:
All undergrads are (co-)mentored directly by a faculty, postdoc, or senior graduate student of our lab. There are regular lectures on e.g., cosmological data analysis, machine learning, High-Performance Computing given by members of our lab. The group meets once per week as a whole and 1-1 with the mentors as needed. The primary goal is to prepare undergraduate students for graduate school. There is a specialist to assess the outcome and impact of the TIMESTEP internship at the end of the program.

More details on how to apply can be found here. 


Prospective Grad Students

For grad students interested in joining our lab please apply to a University of Arizona graduate student program in astronomy. If you are accepted into the program we are happy to discuss possible projects at the interface of cosmological observations, modeling and data analysis, and astrophysics theory.

More details on the type of projects we offer can be found in the science and missions/experiments sections. 

Grad students in our lab have access to the latest datasets from cosmological surveys, local and national Supercomputing resources, and travel funding to conferences and collaboration meetings.

Postdoctoral Fellows

There exists a wide range of opportunities to participate in our group at the postdoctoral level. For all opportunities below, please contact one of the ACL faculty for further information.

1) Arizona Cosmology Lab Fellows (ads appear on AAS job register):
Our lab hosts a postdoctoral program that aims at enabling its members to develop a visible, independent science profile. Postdocs develop their independent research plan with advice and suggestions from faculty, including their direct postdoctoral advisor. The details of the research program is at the discretion of the postdocs, but should be connected to the broad theme of cosmological data analysis of ongoing and future surveys (DES, DESI, Rubin Observatory, Roman Space Telescope, SPHEREx). The program strives to facilitate a healthy mix of collaborative projects with ACL faculty, students, other postdocs, work in large science collaborations and individual research.

2) External Fellowships :
We are happy to discuss external fellowship applications (NASA, NSF, International Programs) that can be taken to Steward Observatory directly or to NSF's OIR lab, which is across the street. In case of aligned research interests our lab will enable access to Super-Computing and other resources, such as cosmological data sets, simulations, analysis software.  

3) Steward Observatory Fellowships (see here for details)
Steward Observatory offers a range of Prize Fellowships (Bok, Strittmatter, Arizona-KASI, Steward Theory Prize) that are open to applicants from all fields of astronomy, including cosmology.

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